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Audax Sumbawa Barat Is Part Of Audax Indonesia

Audax Sumbawa Barat  Is Part Of Audax Indonesia. This is the guarantee that we take care of you. Tenne & Axel developed a new concept with the optimum of care for the participants. This concept was already successful during the Lombok Audax 300 km and 400 km this year. Learn more ...

We Take Care Of You - Enjoy The Ride In Paradise

You cannot get lost

On our Audax events you cannot get lost. On every crossroad is a marshal or policeman to show you the right way.

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 if you cannot hold the speed, tired, injured ... we have a sweeper for you. To carry your bike and you will be in the car.  learn more

Reflection Vests

If we are riding in darkness, every participant get's a reflection vest. So we are able to ride long distances ... learn more

Polisi in front of the Group

In front of every group is the police on a motorbike.  learn more

Enough to eat and to drink

On every stop you will get enough to eat, fruit, drinks, isotonic drinks.  learn more


We never know what will be happen. No Audax without Ambulance car.

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